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Serving all of San Diego including East County and South Bay.

Considerate Tree Care Inc. has been a tree preservation minded service for over 30 years. We follow up-to-date tree trimming practices and use modern equipment such as bucket trucks and chippers for debris removal. We also have experienced tree climbers on hand to do the trees that equipment will not reach. Considerate Tree Care Inc. is committed to delivering the best tree care possible!

The Dog Days Of Summer

Hello friends,

"The Dog Days" of summer are here. As we all struggle to stay cool, so does our landscape. We have been in a drought period for the last three years, until last year, and who knows what this year will bring. This "Tip of the Month" is about reminding us all how important it is to monitor the irrigation practices of our landscapes. Most of us have automated water systems. (...)

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Pruning / Thinning

Tree Services / Tree Trimming at Work

Choosing the proper form of trimming and time of year you trim your trees...

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Enhanced Fruit Quality

Examples Of Fruit

You can enjoy the most delicious fruit possible by following a proper watering and fertilizing program...

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Consulting with Joe

Joe Jonas President Of Considerate Tree Care Hard at Work.

Join Joseph L. Jonas, a professional in tree preservation for over 30 years.

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In my opinion, Joe Jonas is the "Rolls Royce" of practicing Tree Trimmers in San Diego County. He is probably one of the premiere people of his field within the state of California. S. J. Graves El Cajon, CA

Mr. Joseph Jonas of Considerate Tree Care has kept our 17 citrus trees pruned since 1984. We have been pleased with the improved quality of the fruit as well as the appearance of the trees. Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Compere, Jr. La Mesa, CA

Member in good standing with the following associations:

International Society of Arboriculture * Professional Tree Care Association

International Society of Arboriculture Professional Tree Care Association