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timeApril 22, 2015

Torrey Pine Trimmed

Choosing the proper form of trimming and time of year you trim your trees are the most important decisions that you will make. There are not only different types but different styles. There are ISA guidelines that should be followed but in my opinion it's the arborist that carries out the procedures. Some professionals perform their services better than others. Some people cut hair better than others. The old adage, "A bad haircut looks better after 4 days" applies to hair not trees. Hair, when cut badly will grow back and you move on. Trees when cut badly sometimes do not recover and the damage may be irreparable and possibly fatal. That's why it's so important to interview the arborist in detail as to what exactly they are going to do.

The time of year is also very important to which trees are to be trimmed. Some trees such as Pines need to be trimmed during the cooler months, (late October to March), when the sap flow has slowed down which minimizes 'bleeding'. Fruit trees are another example where timely pruning is important. (Jan./Feb.) The window of time for pruning these trees is much shorter. Most trees can be trimmed through out the year depending on the trees' characteristics. I try not to trim certain species when they are flowering or if the weather is too hot. You must keep in mind that the trees' leaves are our friends. If trees are trimmed out of season you can mess up the natural cycle of the trees' metabolism. If the trees are trimmed when the weather is too hot shock may come into play.

To form a strong structural foundation, I recommend starting to trim most trees at a very young age to form a solid branch structure that will allow the tree to mature with little problems later. Tree are like children, in that if you help form them in the early stages of their life, there is a good chance you will have less problems later (we hope).

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