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timeApril 08, 2015

Citrus Tree Examples

You can enjoy the most delicious fruit possible by following a proper watering and fertilizing program and having your trees properly trimmed. People have a tendency to over water citrus trees. Mature trees like to get a good deep drink of water every 7 to 10 days when the weather is hot. The roots on citrus trees are very shallow. Water needs to get down to a depth of at least 2 to 4 inches. A basin around the drip line about 4-6 inches high to hold the water is the best way to irrigate. Fill the basin with water and let it soak down slowly. A layer of compost on top of the ground under the tree will not only help hold the moisture in the root zone area but also will help control soil temperature and keep the weeds down.

Since water has little nutritional value, fertilization is the key to having sweet juicy fruit. I recommend feeding citrus trees at least 3 times a year (February/ March- June/July-October/November). There are many different types of fertilizers on the market including organics. Choosing the right one depends on your soil PH and condition.

Citrus trees need good drainage. San Diego County has various types of soils and some have better drainage than others. Loamy and decomposed granite (DG) soils have better drainage than clay soil does. Soil amendments added to clay soil can help drainage.

When planting a new tree, the location you choose should include the following criteria. Choose a sunny spot. Citrus trees like to get at least 6 hours of sunlight. In area where frost is possible, choose a protected area. Be sure you have good drainage.

Citrus trees do not require much pruning. I usually remove the dead wood, crossover growth, water sprouts from the inside, light thin and head back any heavy limbs. Thinning of the fruit as it starts to grow will get you bigger fruit. I'd rather have less but larger fruit and better quality. You don't thin citrus trees too much because you can sunburn the trunks. Never trim more than 1/3rd off the tree at any given time. I have found that the best time to trim is at harvest time, because you will have less fruit loss. It's never good to let fruit rot on the trees. Citrus fruit does not usually ripen much more after its harvested so wait till the sugar content is up, pick and enjoy!!!!!!

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